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Bloomberg Businessweek (US)

Bitcoin Dreams

Newest cover Bloomberg Businessweek

HD-Multimedia-Uninteractive-The-Future-Is-All-Around-Us version 
Original painting by CHRISTIAN RIESE LASSEN
Concept/Adapted for Businessweek by TRACY MA

Creative Director Richard Turley 

A wave or nervous tremor of emotion or sensation. An enjoyable ride. A life. Scenic - Ride The Thrill Download for FREE on iTunes ANZ here:


we will be bright. we will be dark.

we will be bright. we will be dark.


In the past few decades, new instruments that capture and display galactic images with unprecedented detail, combined with new modeling approaches, have made it possible to see and understand the Milky Way Galaxy as never before. Take a long look at our galactic home in the new Space Show Dark Universe.

A time-lapse of type 1a supernovae in the Milky Way galaxy